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Technical Assistance


We place great value on training the customer on the supplied equipment.

The training is designed by content levels and duration, for being adapted to each user and cover its specific training necessities. Training can be theoretical and/or practical. Trainings are carried out by experienced trainers to cover all aspects of operation, maintenance, production etc. Trainings are available at customer location or at our training facilities.

Preventive Maintenance

The maintenance plan should be flexible and customized to the real operation conditions.

We study the operation conditions of each equipment developing the maintenance plan that most suites the customer needs, optimizing by this way the costs and maintenance shutdowns.

The routine checks done by the equipment user, its experience and its observations, are a key point for a successful maintenance. The good communication with the final user is the key of the success for developing a proper maintenance plan.

Corrective Assistance

We provide equipment technical services based on agile and effective assistance to the contingencies that can occur during the operating life of our equipment.

In the first instance remotely supporting the users in charge of any part of equipment or full line to detect the possible problems and recommend tests or possible solutions. When the problem is persistent, and/or the origin has been detected, we start the process to send the required spare parts and/or planning the trip of our technicians.

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